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What is Insomnia?

If ever having difficulty falling asleep Take longer to sleep Or waking up very quickly, even when sleeping and wanting to continue to sleep But then can’t sleep And there are frequent symptoms like this that show that they are having problems Insomnia, sometimes 1-2 days, may be caused by stress. Or is excited about […]

How to Stop Snoring

Initially, doctors will recommend changing behavior. For those with mild snoring, such as weight loss, avoid alcohol, especially during the time before going to bed. Change the position from supine to sleeping on the side, etc. For those who have severe snoring or cause snoring from sleep apnea The doctor may have the following treatment […]

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What Causes Snoring ?

Did these events happen to you? People around you tell you that … you snoring loudly … must wake up in the middle of the night … when visiting friends, you say that you snore loudly Most often deny that they are not snoring until sometimes having to go to sleep alone so that those […]

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Sleep 9-10 hours a day, may be dangerous to health?

Sleeping too much may be just a habit. (Like eating a lot) that may not be necessary for the body as much as you think If we observe from the sleeping patterns mentioned above, Sleep that repairs the body only for the first 3-4 hours This sleep will make us face children. Due to the […]

What Sleep Does to the Body and Mind

Sleep and waking Is a phenomenon that is found in everyday life of both human and animal life Humans spend about a third of their lives sleeping. Shows the importance of sleep to life Sleep plays an important role in the body, for example, affecting the secretion of hormones, alertness, decision-making, memory and other functions […]