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Behavior that should be stopped before bedtime Because it may cause sleep problems

Can not deny that today the problem of sleep Has interfered with the lives of many people, causing an impact on work And health in various areas Today, we want everyone to observe their own behavior, see whether it is “behavior that should be stopped before going to bed” or not. Playing mobile phone Of […]

Good food, eat and sleep well, not fat too.

Insomnia is one of the suffering. If anyone has never experienced this kind of condition, then they will not understand how they feel. Will be able to master down each night, but for people with sleep problems It is known that the suffering and suffering that we must Circling around every night Than to sleep […]

What is biological clock in human body?
What is biological clock in human body?

Is the cycle of the work system in the human body That is responsible for controlling the functions of various systems in the body, whether it is awakening, sleep or hormone secretion Even changes in body temperature The life clock will have a period of about 24 hours, according to the general time. Which the […]

How to eat before bedtime

What you eat and when you eat at the last meal of the day will have a big impact on your fat burning and muscle building. If you eat the right things at the right time, it will help build muscle and reduce fat for you. But if you eat the last meal incorrectly, what […]

9 techniques to overcome hunger before bedtime during weight loss

For those who are surrounded by delicious food Come to tempt the temptation every day Would be difficult Even if it is someone who wants to lose weight then Even more suffering In addition, another problem is Hunger before bed After we had dinner Went to watch TV to bathe When he slept, he became […]

why weight loss
Why do you sleep to help lose weight?

About sleeping enough Is a story that we have heard for a long time Have been advised for a long time That should sleep 6-8 hours, but the National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults need to be rested for 7-9 hours. See how adequate sleep can reduce obesity. Help increase BMR Adequate sleep increases the […]

health food ผมแน่
4 types of food to eat before going to bed, definitely thin !!!!

สำหรับคนอยากผอมมาดูกัน อาหาร 4 ชนิด กิน ก่อนนอน ผอมแน่!!!! For girls who lack confidence In their own shape Or some girls with plump or obese shapes Will cause the body to accumulate fat For the idea of ​​eating something before going to bed for three hours is still the basis of the puppet reduction of girls, but actually […]

Sleep 7 hours a night, better than 8 hours, as always believed? ….

Every person’s body must sleep on the schedule of the life clock. But how to sleep is good for health Then woke up with a refreshing feeling Professor Shawn Youngstedt of the College of Nursing and Health Innovation at Arizona State University stated that from data collection Found that people who sleep 7 hours a […]

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Do you know that sleep makes us taller and smarter?

For sleep plays a very important role in human daily life And good health Adults should sleep at least 8 hours a day. But if it is healthy Sleep requires deep sleep. And for children should sleep more than adults The primary school children (age 6-8 years) should sleep 11 hours. Late primary school children […]

Know or not … just sleeping helps lose weight

Have you ever lost much weight? Or succeed at all In the same idea About weight loss of many people, weight loss methods are increasing energy use to reduce excess fat. With exercise or doing too much overdoing Until forgetting the fact that Life needs balance. When the body works hard Body needs Adequate rest […]