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Sleeping with dreams According to the science of Chinese medicine

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Dream sleep May be a normal thing that can happen, but if sleeping with a daydream that happens frequently May become abnormal which may indicate the various working conditions of the internal organs Which most often involves spleen, kidney, heart, etc. in Chinese medicine Give a perspective on sleep That is the balance of the body But if we have insomnia or other symptoms, such as daydreaming May be a symptom that can indicate the abnormalities of these internal organs And although the subject of sleep And full sleep Is a story that can balance the body, help the body fresh, with energy, can work fully But for some people This turned out to be a problem. Because some people may be tired from sleep Which even though they had slept 8-10 hours, but still not enough Or that some people may sleep too much, but then still feel sleepy Want to sleep all the time Some people suffer from insomnia. Which may be mainly caused by


  • Being motivated by events that make us angry or angry makes the brain fluctuate.
  • Indigestion Makes the subsystem work more while we are sleeping Including eating too late, causing the sub-system to not function properly Which the doctor will call for insomnia from the cause of indigestion Like this, that the stomach is not fluent, there is residue of food that causes itself
  • Caused by anxiousness or mental obsession with a particular subject until affecting the spleen, an organ that controls the digestive system Causing the energy and blood to decrease until it cannot be digested or fully absorbed
  • Heart and gallbladder defects Which will directly affect the control of dreams which may make us a nightmare often Until causing fear of falling asleep or daring to sleep alone
  • Psychiatric condition Is a condition that will not sleep all night Some nights there may be crying and laughing. Which may have environmental factors or are caused by various causes that cause neuralgia


How can dreams indicate health?

In the way of traditional Chinese medicine, it refers to the dreams of our people. The dream relates to the heart, which the heart will be the rest of consciousness and feelings. At night, this consciousness and mind will return to the heart for nourishment from the blood of the heart. And cause sleep but if we are mentally distracted Makes consciousness and thoughts Will not return to stay and do not feel rest Makes the nervous system awake until a dream occurs And the result is Lack of freshness, lack of intelligence, fatigue, fatigue all the time, the nature of dreams can indicate abnormalities of various internal organs.

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