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What causes sleep apnea?

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Loud snoring May be annoying To those around your roommates or anyone who may have to live together with those who have a loud snoring or snoring It may be a period of sleep that is not normal for dogs. We may be annoyed by the bully, causing him to sleep with Or be frustrated every time to start to wake up Because the voice of the people beside snoring loudly But for those who snore Yes, there are many happy moments when sleeping. Because snoring may be brought Not sleeping well Until feeling exhausted And there may be significant drowsiness during the day, snoring may cause obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), which may cause life threatening Sleep apnea is a condition in which the neck muscles are loosened during the period until the respiratory tract is narrowed down causing the patient to sneeze loudly because of difficulty breathing. Until in the event that the oxygen level in the blood is very low, it may affect life Or operation Everyday life is Most often found in people who are overweight. And if the symptoms are mild, they can be treated with behavioral changes and weight loss Exercise regularly. Avoid smoking and alcohol. But in the meantime Should change the position from lying on the side of the bed, which can help relieve snoring


The main cause of sleep apnea

  • Those who are overweight to accumulate fat in the neck tissue will find that people with more than 43 cm thick neck will narrow the airway, so breathing becomes more difficult. And is the most vulnerable group of sleep apnea
  • Genetics may cause narrow respiratory tracts. Or there may be tonsils or adenoids, which are lymph nodes in the nasal cavity and throat, causing swelling and swelling in the respiratory tract
  • People with nasal congestion or nasal septum swelling In addition, there are people who have problems with nasopharyngeal walls and rhinitis patients. These people will have smaller and narrower respiratory tracts. Until causing sleep apnea up to 2 times that of the average person
  • Sex also affects sleep apnea as well. Males are more likely to have 2 times more problems than females and women in menopause. There will be changes in the hormone levels in the body which may cause the muscles around the neck to relax more than usual.
  • Various diseases Also have effects such as high blood pressure, diabetes and asthma
  • Various behaviors in our own lives, whether it is smoking or drinking large amounts of alcohol Especially drink and go to bed immediately. In addition, eating Or including sedatives, stress relievers, sleeping pills Can affect sleep apnea
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