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Who is at risk of sleep apnea?

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Sleep apnea is considered a silent risk, although it does not cause immediate death but is considered a disease. There is a risk of causing other diseases. Because of sleep apnea symptoms Inevitably causing insufficient rest, sleep is not as close as we do not feel, but the system in the body can not rest fully. Whether the work of the heart system, including blood delivery to the brain, may cause paralysis or paralysis as well. Which causes the disease Sleep apnea Caused by a narrow airway Which is caused by obesity Is an allergy or in some people with an abnormal facial structure, such as people with small chin and too narrow People with a chin in the inside Will cause snoring because of breathing through the upper respiratory tract, constricted When a narrow breath passes, which causes tremor in the respiratory tissue to cause snoring And in the case that the tube is constricted, it will cause the oxygen to enter the body and may cause a shock And result in us sleeping secretly, waking up In the morning, you may feel a headache, even if you sleep for hours. But still feeling tired, tired, not refreshing


Who is at risk of sleep apnea?

Factors that cause disease or sleep apnea Partly due to the causes of drinking, smoking, including taking certain medications, such as muscle relaxants, some sleeping pills that result in muscle relaxation, so most people with this disease tend to be more men. women Because the female part has female hormones Can help prevent this disease But yes, there will be no chance of occurrence because after menopause Women will have a chance. Is a sleep apnea disease as much as men and the age at which we find this disease And the most is the age of about 40 to 50 years, which, if asked if most men with snoring already have a chance to risk all this disease or not, the answer is not always but what we Can be observed, of course, when sleeping and often waking up in the morning, not refreshing With frequent startups or snoring and silent symptoms affecting memory Makes memory not good If anyone who has these symptoms should see a doctor for examination and treatment


Why should I treat sleep apnea?

Many people often have questions that when this condition does not result in death. And why is it necessary to maintain True that this disease does not cause us to die immediately, but if left to make us other diseases That is more dangerous Because the brain is not fully rested May cause heart disease, ischemic heart disease, acute heart attack, high pressure, paralysis, paralysis, kidney failure and a major cause that causes us to not immediately die as a sleep apnea because The brain will instruct the body to breathe again. Observed from the moment we stopped breathing for a while Then we had a severe headache and breathed deeply to make the body receive oxygen as the brain commanded. However, even though this disease will not cause us to die immediately And there have been no reports that anyone has died from this disease But sleep apnea is also a cause of death.

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