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What Causes Snoring ?

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Did these events happen to you?

People around you tell you that … you snoring loudly … must wake up in the middle of the night … when visiting friends, you say that you snore loudly Most often deny that they are not snoring until sometimes having to go to sleep alone so that those around you don’t feel bad. In fact, snoring has a negative effect on health and is a dangerous signal that may indicate that you are having health problems. Which results from snoring leading to snoring and sleep apnea

Snoring is a problem of sleep that is common in people aged 30-35 years, who are often obese adults with thick necks, tissues in their necks, slacken while sleeping.

About 20 percent are male and 5 percent are female and snoring will increase with age.

Snoring is caused by air moving through a narrow airway. Which is usually caused by relaxation or loosening of the upper respiratory muscles while sleeping, such as the muscles around the soft palate, uvula, pharyngeal wall or tongue base, causing vibration And flick of the muscles and soft tissue in the area resulting in a snoring sound

Upper airway obstruction from the tonsils And against the growth of the methoid which is a major cause of snoring in children Or tumors or cysts in the upper respiratory tract or with nasal cavities from various causes such as nasal congestion from allergic rhinitis Nasal barrier wall Nasal and / or nasopharyngeal tumors, rhinitis, sinusitis are also causes of snoring.

Snoring is not normal. But indicates an obstruction in the upper respiratory tract Obstructive sleep apnea is an obstructive condition in the respiratory tract. Until causing intermittent breathing while sleeping Anyone who has a problem should consult a doctor.

Snoring may result in drowsiness, abnormalities in the daytime. Make studying or not working fully If driving may cause road accidents In addition, there is a high risk of other diseases such as hypertension, acute myocardial infarction, and lack of blood. Arrhythmias, high blood pressure in the lungs Cerebrovascular disease

General characteristics that may promote snoring while sleeping, such as short necks, overweight, overweight, abnormalities in the face structure, such as the small chin in the back

Women who have more than 15 inches around the neck and men around the neck, larger than 17 inches, are at risk of snoring as much as people with tonsils. And rhinitis due to allergies


TIPS snore noise removal

  • Drink honey, mix one tablespoon of water before bedtime.
  • Do not eat heavy food. Three hours before bedtime The stomach full of food will result in the diaphragm being pressed. Causing the wind in the body to constrict
  • Avoid using a soft pillow because it will relax the pharynx. Causing the vent system to not expand
  • Adjust the slope of the bed to the head height from four inches flat. Will help ease the pressure of the tongue and jaw, resulting in a reduction in snoring during sleep
  • Sleeping on the side will help reduce and relax the pressure in the airway. Caused by too much weight But if not accustomed to sleeping on the side May use 2-3 balls of tennis balls, nuts, bags Or a bag placed behind Balls or shells of these nuts will help to not turn over to lie on their backs.
  • Avoid alcohol Or some drugs Alcoholic beverages and certain medications such as sleeping pills and various antihistamines Makes the breathing slow and shallow Slack muscles loosen more than normal. Therefore very likely That the neck structure is easily clogged with air channels Causes snoring
  • Lose weight, sleep apnea Occurs most often for those who have abnormal weight Makes breathing difficult Weight loss can help. But means reducing to close to the weight according to proportion
  • useauly excercise Exercise can help you lose weight as safely as possible. It also helps to condition the muscles. And make the lungs work better
  • Eliminating the factors in the mattress that cause allergic asthma symptoms such as dust mites will also help reduce nasal congestion.
  • In order to prevent supine (then snoring), may bring 2-3 tennis balls to put in a cloth bag and sew it to the shirt that is put to sleep. When sleeping will cause difficulty sleeping We must lie on our side Is an economical snoring device
  • Avoid smoking Or touch cigarette smoke
  • Use a tool that blows air into the upper respiratory tract. Makes the airway wider or does not obstruct while sleeping
  • If it is a lot, have to go to the doctor. Will detect the abnormalities of breathing while sleeping (According to major hospitals) and may be treated by mechanical ventilation Or surgery But the doctor will see appropriate


Questions that people ask about how fat, snoring and heart disease are related

Sleep apnea means low blood oxygen levels. Carbon dioxide in the blood When breathing intermittently during sleep only And snoring does not require this abnormal condition In addition, sleep apnea occurs. It is not necessary to be found in people who are obese, only in those who are thin and can cause this disorder. Therefore need to be clearly proven By using special sleep study tools

Heart disorders can be found. Due to sleep apnea and due to obesity itself (although without snoring)

Snoring or Sleep apnea will find that while sleeping and having to stop breathing, oxygen in the blood will be lower. Higher carbon dioxide The pressure of both the arteries in the lungs and the body will increase. The heart will squeeze the body to send blood to the body. In the first phase, it will be found only at night, when the breathing stops. If it is long, this disorder will be found in the daytime as well. Patients will not sleep at night. Causing sleepiness and sleeping in the daytime Anomalies will find the heart beating very slowly. Sometimes the heart may stop dancing for up to 2-13 seconds, which may cause syncope. Heart block may be detected. Arrhythmia (Prematureatrial contraction, Premature ventricular contraction. Atrial fibrillation, Ventricular Tachycardia) which may sometimes be dangerous Can die


The abnormalities in the heart associated with obesity include

  • Abnormal heart muscle Decompression Heart failure
  • High Blood Pressure Cause thick heart muscle Abnormal compression Arrhythmia and coronary heart disease
  • Obesity causes high blood fat High blood sugar Which is a risk factor for coronary heart disease
  • Causing breathing to decrease (Hypoventilation) without respiratory arrest Low blood oxygen levels Carbon dioxide congestion Blood acidity If able to lose weight This condition can improve or disappear.
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