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What is Insomnia?

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If ever having difficulty falling asleep Take longer to sleep Or waking up very quickly, even when sleeping and wanting to continue to sleep But then can’t sleep And there are frequent symptoms like this that show that they are having problems Insomnia, sometimes 1-2 days, may be caused by stress. Or is excited about a particular matter This symptom can become chronic. With symptoms for months, years, especially those caused by stress, anxiety or depression And will be found in elderly people We can’t deny that sleep is our best rest. If anyone ever sleeps From various causes Will find it very tormented Flipped over and turned over Still not sleeping

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia – an insomnia or difficulty sleeping Or not sleep well If you suffer from insomnia You will know that insomnia will affect you during the day and night, making you feel exhausted during the day. And cause problems in work

Insomnia Sleep hard or do not sleep well Will be found in women and the elderly

Problems with sleeping How many types of insomnia?

The medical classification of 3 types of insomnia is

  • Transient insomnia is insomnia for several days. But less than several weeks Most often it is caused by stress. Anxiousness in a particular subject The environment is not suitable, such as loud noise. Most of the time, the symptoms will improve in a few days.
  • Continuous sleeplessness (Intermittent insomnia) for several weeks May be caused by problems Health or even very stressful To the problems that are facing People with these symptoms need to be consulted by a doctor. To prevent chronic problems
  • Chronic insomnia This group of people will not sleep continuously almost every night. For several consecutive months Long until it may be a year. The cause is more complicated. Some cases may come from Physical abnormalities such as abnormal breathing while sleeping Leg muscle spasms intermittently during sleep, pain, as well as those with heart disease. Lung disease or acid reflux disease, etc.

What is the cause of insomnia?


Caused by many factors as follows

  • Have physical illness such as heart disease, pain Or have hurt Pain at various places Of the body, diseases associated with certain types of sleep Need to treat the cause of the disease When physical illness abated, it often leads to better sleep.
  • Have mental problems Is a major cause in people with intermittent insomnia and chronic insomnia. Most problems are related to anxiety, depression or the early stages of mental symptoms. That said, this affects sleep. Due to changes in neurotransmitters, treatment requires medication and problem solving. The main cause Together with good sleeping habits
  • Have problems from daily life Eating too much tea or coffee Coffee contains caffeine, which stimulates the nervous system and reduces the duration of sleep throughout the night (1 hour). A cup of coffee contains an average of 100 mg caffeine. Choline contains caffeine, about 50-75 mg. Can live for up to 8 -14 hours. Different in each person. Drinking alcohol (Ethanol) Drinking a small amount of alcohol. (Sipping before eating or before going to bed will help to relax and sleep, but if drinking in large quantities will make you wake up intermittently throughout the night. Therefore should not drink alcohol better

Smoking cigarettes contain nicotine. If pumped in small sizes Will give a relaxing and sleepy effect, but if smoking for several consecutive hours, the opposite effect is cholinergic activity, so smoking before going to bed or while waking in the middle of the night Thus making sleep more difficult

Insomnia treatment

Preliminary use of treatment by behavioral treatment, 4 good behavioral changes for insomnia

  • Sleep restriction: Sleepless people tend to stay in bed for a long time to hope to sleep for a long time. Bring to spend a lot of time in bed to sleep for a long time Found that sleeping in bed for a long time would destroy sleep And increase anxiety Restricting sleep will reduce the time spent on the bed and help make sleep more effective.
  • Stimulus control: control of stimuli to make the bedroom more motivated to sleep Sometimes the bedroom becomes a place to do other things, such as working and thinking about other concerns. These activities and thoughts often cause insomnia. When it’s time to sleep, doing these activities in your bedroom will wake you up. How to control the stimulants to reduce the activity in the bedroom that wakes up Including sleeping on the bed while still not sleepy This will help to make the opportunity to sleep faster.
  • Relaxation therapy: is an activity that tries to make you feel relaxed. Including trying to focus on ideas that make you comfortable in a peaceful situation Relaxation therapy will make sleeping easier.
  • Cognitive therapy (treatment by cognitive processing): There are many people who have beliefs and wrong attitudes about sleep. Some people think that is wrong if sleeping less than 8 hours. Cognitive therapy uses the process of reasoning to correct this misunderstanding. Which will help sleeping easier And reduce anxiety during the day and waking during the night


How do good sleep?

Do not go to bed until you feel sleepy if you can’t sleep. Therefore, some activities, such as reading books, listening to music or reading magazines Find relaxing activities But not stimulating So you don’t feel worried about sleeping That will help the body relax and not disturb the mind

If you are unable to fall asleep within 20 minutes, you can get out of bed, find some activities that make you feel relaxed. If possible, do it outside the bedroom. Your bedroom should be a place to sleep. Not where it should be when you’re worried When you feel sleepy again, go back to bed.

  • Do activities that help you relax before bed, such as Eat light snacks Or read a book in just a few minutes
  • Wake up at the same time every morning Make it consistent both on work days and holidays
  • Sleep throughout the night regularly, enough sleep, which will make you feel refreshed every day.
  • Avoid daytime nap if you take a nap. Try to take a nap as little as possible (less than 1 hour). Do not take a nap after 15.00 hrs.
  • Keep the schedule regularly, eating food, medicine, housework and other activities on time. Will help to keep your life clock running smoothly
  • Do not drink caffeine drinks after lunch
  • Do not smoke or contain nicotine before going to bed.
  • Do not drink beer, wine or alcoholic beverages within 6 hours before going to bed.
  • Should not be left hungry before bedtime But should not eat large meals near bedtime
  • Avoid exercising hard within 6 hours before going to bed.
  • Avoid using sleeping pills. Or use medication carefully And not drinking alcohol while eating sleeping pills
  • Make your bedroom quiet, dark and cool. Easy way to remember this. You should think of the cave. Similar to a bat Because bats are the champion of sleep, it takes 16 hours for sleeping each day. It may be because it’s sleeping in the dark and cold.

When should I see a doctor to treat insomnia?

  • Can not sleep for 1-2 weeks or more without clear cause.
  • Feeling sleepy, tired, unable to work effectively in the daytime And often fall asleep during the day
  • Wondering if there is some underlying disease such as depression or anxiety
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