[Just listen 3 seconds] Get a deep sleep immediately. - Sleep Calculator

[Just listen 3 seconds] Get a deep sleep immediately.

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The benefits of Delta Wave 1, deep sleep and healing – the main benefit of Delta Wave helps people to get a good night’s sleep which helps the body heal itself and rest and refresh the mind. Without being a person to wake up feeling lethargic and weak instead of charging In some cases, delta waves also help slow down the aging process through hormone production.

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Music for a good night’s sleep (Delta Wave): Relaxing with music to help you sleep completely. Relaxing with music for meditation like Tai Chi and Reiki is a meditation with slippery delights, making you feel relaxed (Relax) and sleep better.

Behavior that should be stopped before bedtime Because it may cause sleep problems

Can not deny that today the problem of sleep Has interfered with the lives of many people, causing an impact on work And health in various areas Today, we want everyone to observe their own behavior, see whether it is “behavior that should be stopped before going to bed” or not. Playing mobile phone Of […]

Say goodbye to insomnia problems. Take physical therapy postures that you can easily do yourself at home.

Insomnia can be considered a big problem for many people because sleeplessness makes us frustrated. When we can’t order our bodies to sleep As we want Even though the time passed, perhaps hit 1, beat 2, sometimes until 3 am, still can’t sleep, even though our body calls for us to fall asleep. The work […]