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9 techniques to overcome hunger before bedtime during weight loss

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For those who are surrounded by delicious food Come to tempt the temptation every day Would be difficult Even if it is someone who wants to lose weight then Even more suffering

In addition, another problem is Hunger before bed After we had dinner Went to watch TV to bathe When he slept, he became hungry again. During weight loss, of course, if eating before bedtime 1-2 hours must be fat, but if you leave this, you may not sleep. Therefore, today I will introduce the V dealing with hunger before bedtime.

Causes of hunger before bedtime

Hungry before bedtime The reason is not just the body wants to eat. But there are some causes hidden in the daily life cycle People who are often hungry before going to bed will have something in common. That is the life style


Dinner is mainly focused on carbohydrates.

Rice, line, bread foods contain carbohydrates that cause high blood sugar levels quickly. The lower levels also fell sharply as well.

We will feel hungry when the sugar level decreases. The more if dropped quickly Even more hungry, even when eating Therefore, people who tend to eat noodles, curry rice, pasta Then end up with another dessert After having finished eating for 1 hour, they will come back hungry.


Lunch and dinner are too far apart.

Time to get away from breakfast to lunch Most people will be about 4-5 hours apart.

From lunch to evening, about 6-7 hours apart, but for those who have to work until late May leave for up to 8-9 hours if you leave the stomach empty for a long time There is a tendency for dinner to make us eat more. Again, we let the stomach empty for a long time. The body tries to maintain the balance of energy, so the body needs carbohydrates. When we eat a lot of carbohydrates quickly, it will quickly return to high sugar levels.

sleep late

After guessing the cold rice, if we sleep late, we will feel hungry as normal. The stomach will take about 4-5 hours to digest food. So after eating dinner 4-5 hours, it will feel empty stomach. For some people who choose to control weight after 6 o’clock, they will not eat again. Because most of our daily lives are human, we will sleep at 4 pm or if after dinner, we will choose to eat fruit instead. To control weight


9 ways to cope with hunger

The late meal menu emphasizes rice, not just carbohydrates. There should also be a dish with vegetables or protein. And that must be avoided, another is that of it The stomach takes a long time to digest. Therefore, choose less fat space, such as fish, eggs, pork, or protein from plants.

Strict. Do not let the stomach empty for too long.

Should not let the stomach empty for too long The right time is From breakfast to lunch should be between 4-5 hours from lunch to evening, should be approximately 6-7 hours apart.

Change the lifestyle

People who eat less than 3 meals or don’t eat on time but want to eat Must know how to manage time, improve life style Must try to adjust the sleep schedule Or even eating Choose to wake up early And eat food for 3 meals and eat food on time with the body needs


Calories receive breakfast (more or equal), lunch (more), cold rice.

People who choose dinner are the main meal of the day. Would lose weight very hard in 1 day. There is no need to reduce the amount of total calories less than you eat every day. But just dividing and adjusting the balance in each meal only Not limited to eating in any way. If we eat with the right amount of lunch


Do not exercise hard before bedtime.

โดยเฉพาะการเล่นกล้ามหรือ Weight training  ที่หนักๆ จะใช้พลังงานจากคาร์โบไฮเดรตเร็ว ทำให้ร่างกายรู้สึกหิว ถ้าออกกำลังกายควรเป็น Weight training แบบเบาๆ หรือแอโรบิค 10-15 นาที แต่ถ้าวันไหนกินมาก ต้องการเผาผลาญส่วนที่กินเข้าไปในตอนกลางวัน ก็สามารถ Weight training หนัก หรือออกกำลังกายเต้นแอโรบิค ติดต่อกันอย่างน้อย 45 นาที เพื่อให้การเต้นของหัวใจ และร่างกายได้รับการเผาผลาญพลังงานได้


Snacks between meals Eat before dinner 3 hours

If eating snacks between meals 3 hours before dinner, it will not be any obstacles. But must not eat foods that are high in calories, should not exceed 150 kcal recommended as a low-calorie product But with health benefits such as yogurt, dried squid, seaweed, etc. If that day is exercising too Eat a fruit or something that gives you a lot of energy in the event of a delay of 3 hours Divided into 2 dinners. First, give about half of the total calories before eating carbs. Then the second time Which may be a late night meal Eating only rice (protein) will help control weight


hot milk

Before going to bed The warm drinks will help make you feel full. In addition, milk also helps to sleep well. The warm milk will help keep the body warm. When going to bed, the body temperature will gradually decrease and will help ease sleep. For people with insomnia problems May try this method.


Dried squid chewing gum can be selected for long periods of time.

Recommended food is Long chewable items In the mouth for a long time, such as dried squid chewing gum, we chew for a long time to help feel full, satisfied. In addition, may choose to eat soup with large pieces of vegetables such as radishes.



Before going to bed should choose foods that take a long time, such as boiled rice, because otherwise, if not sub-good the next morning We may not want to eat breakfast. In addition, boiled rice has a lot of water. Therefore feel full than normal rice


Hunger before bedtime is mainly caused by the life style in time division. Which if we pay attention or change eating habits


First of all, take notes that on what day we eat something, wake up – what time is it? How many hours do you work? Then let’s see where to fix the time. In addition, try marking the day that feels hungry before bedtime. And then observe how hunger occurs How to change when you are hungry, when you are not hungry will make you know yourself. And prepare to cope with hunger When we get the information, we come to adjust our lifestyle to eat.

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