Do you know that sleep makes us taller and smarter? - Sleep Calculator

Do you know that sleep makes us taller and smarter?

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For sleep plays a very important role in human daily life And good health Adults should sleep at least 8 hours a day. But if it is healthy Sleep requires deep sleep. And for children should sleep more than adults The primary school children (age 6-8 years) should sleep 11 hours. Late primary school children (age 9-11 years) should sleep 10 hours. Middle school children (ages 12 – 14 years) should sleep 9.25 hours. C. (age 15-17 years) should sleep 8.5 hours

Adequate sleep helps your child’s body grow higher. Because at the time the children sleep well, the pituitary gland releases the hormone growth hormone. If the child does not sleep, the growth hormone will be shed less than normal. Resulting in short Not as high as it should be

Get to know the growth hormone or HGH, which is a hormone that comes from the endocrine glands. Created from the pituitary gland under our brain Is a hormone of growth Earned the nickname “The Fountain of Youth” HGH contains 191 amino acids that contain many amino acids. This hormone is secreted throughout our lives. But each age will not be able to shed the same amount The secretion level is especially high during the growth or reproductive age and begins to decline when entering old age. And from various environmental factors in life (such as nutrition, food, stress, sleep, exercise, weight) also affect the change of the hormone levels in our body.

Research indicates that HGH hormone secretion has decreased by 14% every 10 years. This hormone is different from other hormones. Because it can stimulate every system in the body to change With metabolic activity of the brain and the degradation system This hormone therefore affects youthfulness. The energy of our body itself.

HGH is very important for the growth of our body. Especially the childhood that needs extra growth This hormone helps control the growth of bones until the age of 25 years ever. Therefore, if the body has produced this hormone Will make the child grow taller, not stunted, helping various tissues in the body healthy Not easy illness Tight muscles Strengthen immunity Brain development

In addition, insufficient sleep also results in poor learning. Due to sleepiness, awareness, understanding, concentration, learning new things, solving problems and memory are reduced. Including making you feel refreshed Not energetic, causing children to not want to study

Insufficient sleep also causes children to have severe emotions. With aggressive behavior, irritability, low immunity And easy illness So adults Should teach children to divide time into Prioritize what should be done before Hurriedly completed the homework from the beginning When approaching bedtime, children should not play, should relax, calm down, do not worry, stress, think, solve problems, because they will not sleep.

When it is time to sleep, have to stop everything else, including stop talking on mobile phones. Stop playing online games use the Internet Stop watching television and children should go to bed and wake up for the same time every day. Whether it is holidays or holidays


Studies have shown that taking a nap for a short time will make the child smarter.



In Japan, there is a campaign for Japanese children to take a nap at lunch time. For more than 3 years of intellectual advantage, and in the United States, it has packed sleep in the teaching hours. Of children at the high school level for 2 years. Napping is a tremendous benefit to the body. Which can be seen from the positive impact on the heart’s work Hormone balance in the body And helps to repair various cells that are lost Even better

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