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Good food, eat and sleep well, not fat too.

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Insomnia is one of the suffering. If anyone has never experienced this kind of condition, then they will not understand how they feel. Will be able to master down each night, but for people with sleep problems It is known that the suffering and suffering that we must Circling around every night Than to sleep It takes a night to go. The condition called insomnia is not a normal joke anymore. But this symptom can be solved by eating the following foods


  • Warm milk is a drink that we hear fame. That makes us sleep better, in fact, drinking warm milk before bed That helps us sleep well Because the milk contains probiotics, amino acids that can be converted to serotonin and this substance is able to stimulate calm in the brain Therefore drinking milk Warm before bed, so it helps us to relax and sleep better.
  • Cherry is a fruit that we know well. But those who do not like to eat cherries have to say that today must try to change their minds to rely on small fruit trees. This already Because cherries are one of the few fruits that have melatonin That is considered a hormone Which is produced by the gland in the brain and is responsible for controlling sleep and waking, and also helps the watch in our body to function normally as well.
  • Banana, Thai fruit that is famous in the matter of eating, is a drug that helps in various matters as well, in which bananas contain magnesium, potassium acts as a natural muscle stimulator, helping us to sleep comfortably. Also contain carbohydrates Which helps us to feel sleepy as well
  • Flax seeds or sunflower seeds contain omega-3 magnesium, including probiotics. Which, as we know, eating magnesium will help to relax the muscles At the same time, Master Fan helps to release serotonin, a hormone of happiness. Makes us feel relaxed Combined with omega-3 acids will help to reduce anxiety and reduce depression, allowing us to sleep comfortably Can help relieve tension as well
  • Almonds eaten before bedtime are better than eating in the morning because the almonds have high magnesium. Is a great help to make us sleep easier and also helps in controlling blood sugar levels while we sleep.
  • Honey is a natural sugar that will increase insulin levels in the body. Cause chemicals in the brain Shed chemicals that will help relax the body, which we can use honey to dissolve in warm water to drink before going to bed on a regular basis


Eating is considered an appetizing food. The things that we find easy to eat, in addition to helping in the matter, make us relax and sleep more comfortably and also have other benefits to the body as well. That these foods are good foods that we should buy and eat regularly

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