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How to eat before bedtime

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What you eat and when you eat at the last meal of the day will have a big impact on your fat burning and muscle building. If you eat the right things at the right time, it will help build muscle and reduce fat for you. But if you eat the last meal incorrectly, what follows may be obese instead. For effective weight loss You should not eat 2-3 hours before bedtime. You should not let it be known when you go to bed. But should feel slightly hungry If you want to lose weight Allowing to feel a little hungry before bedtime is a good thing. Because the body will burn some fat while you sleep

If you eat very close to bedtime or are full, your body will not bring fat to burn as energy. But will collect more fat Every time you eat Your body will increase the rate of energy metabolism. But if you eat before bedtime, the metabolic rate will increase only slightly. The more you fall asleep, the lower your metabolic rate will be. Why eating before going to bed doesn’t help increase the metabolic rate? That is because the system in your body is ready to sleep The burning rate is only slightly increased. And when you fall asleep, the body uses very low energy

Believe it or not, eating before bed can affect energy consumption the next day. For example, you eat a sandwich, take a piece at 7pm and go to bed at 4pm. The next day, you wake up at 8 o’clock. You will still feel full from the sandwich the night you eat. Making it possible for you not to eat breakfast because you don’t feel hungry And you will lose the opportunity to stimulate the metabolism at the most efficient time possible


Eating lots of food Especially carbohydrates will increase fat accumulation


Carbs that have a high Glycemic index (fast absorbed carbohydrates) such as pasta, potatoes, white rice, sugar, etc. at bedtime, accelerate insulin levels in the body And reduce the formation of Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Eating food at bedtime is a terrible thing, because 80% of fat burning and muscle building will lose.

Suppose that you abstain from food for 11 hours (from 8 pm – 7 am). Your body will begin to burn fat for about 5 hours (hit 1) and will continue to burn. Until you wake up

Here are a few tricks that you will be able to eat the last meal of each day most effectively.

Eat 3 hours before bedtime. You will have some time to do various activities. Which will consume energy from this meal And going to bed without feeling hungry During the day, you should eat food often (preferably 3 hours apart). Small amounts and must be healthy food. To reduce hunger at night The last meal of the day should be low-fat proteins (such as grilled chicken breasts), low-energy foods. And high-fiber carbohydrates such as fruits and vegetables, you should avoid all starchy carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, etc.

The correct carbs for this meal is that you should eat some carbs. But be sure that it is a high carbohydrate fiber, has a low Glycemic index (slow absorption) such as Apple, berries, peaches (peach), persimmon (prunes or balls), cereals, fresh vegetables, Vegetable juice etc.


Glycemic Index (GI) or glycemic index is a value that makes us aware that Foods that contain various carbohydrates can increase how much blood sugar levels are different. Which is measured from blood sugar levels after eating foods that contain about 50 grams of carbohydrates compared to glucose or white bread that is the standard value is 100.


If you are a bodybuilder or magic trainer to build muscle The best option for this meal is Low-fat cottage cheese, which is rich in casein proteins that are slowly absorbed. Which should not add sugar or sweetened fruit

Eat a small amount of food but a lot of meals. Eat at regular intervals so that you don’t feel too hungry until you are eating too much. Your body will begin to be hungry at a predetermined time before eating because you have made it a continuous routine.

Try to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, after work, before bed (at least one hour before bed) and have snacks in between two meals. Snacks can include beans or whole grains to half a vegetable or fruit.

If you try to build muscle and lose weight, skip meals before bed. Eating before going to bed will cause the body to change foods that do not burn to become fat. Instead of energy or muscle The body’s metabolism will shut itself down before it’s time to sleep.


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