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Know or not … just sleeping helps lose weight

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Have you ever lost much weight? Or succeed at all In the same idea About weight loss of many people, weight loss methods are increasing energy use to reduce excess fat. With exercise or doing too much overdoing Until forgetting the fact that Life needs balance. When the body works hard Body needs Adequate rest Enough sleep Will make you healthy and lose weight as you want

Sleeper is not enough, often obese.

We try to sit back and review our sleeping habits. For people sleeping less than 7 – 8 hours per day Tend to make health worse and more fat Sleep helps control hormones that cause hunger. And helps to recover muscles Some research found that Adults sleeping 7 – 9 hours can burn calories in daily life. More than 5 hours or less How to lose weight Just let the muscles fully recover after exercise.

In the human body Divide the organs into 2 groups according to the movement of the body.

Group 1 is a group of organs that can move as the body needs. The body can force or command movement, such as limbs.

Group 2 is the organ that the body cannot control. Or order movement such as heart

For the central nervous system is classified in group 2 in the central nervous system Consists of two types of nervous systems and different functions:

Sympathetic neural groups will work when feeling stressed, using thoughts, and will work well in the morning. Stimulate brain and muscle function

Parasympathetic nerve group Will work directly with the first group of nerves Which will work when feeling relaxed When the body sleeps And works well during the night Stimulate the function of internal organs

For example, if sleeping late, the body causes stress, the first group of nerves work. Instead of being nervous, group 2 works when the body has a nervous system malfunction. Will result in Metabolism system malfunctions and edema and obesity

Because sleeping affects your metabolic system and other body functions, it is essential that you have to sleep tightly each night. Doing daily activities like bedtime, such as bathing before going to bed to cool and relax. Will help increase your chances of getting a good night’s sleep

Adequate sleep at night not only helps your body to work more efficiently. Also helps you feel refreshed with a new morning as well If anyone reading this article still thinks enough sleep is not important You try to compare between 10 days of fasting and how to lose weight, sleep and sleep for 10 days.

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