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Sleep enough .. it’s far away from the disease.

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Have you ever known the consequences? If not enough sleep Or have a habit of sleeping late on a regular basis There are many impacts to us. And this is one of the reasons that makes us shorter as well. Therefore, those who like to sleep should be willing to read well.

From the popular words of the doctor who always emphasized that “Should sleep enough” is not just a simple sentence, because just getting enough sleep each night can have a huge impact on our health. Let’s see what happens. If we do not sleep enough often


Headache or dizziness Some of you have already experienced yourself. Because of low sleep, causing blood to the brain is not enough Headaches occur. Especially those who have underlying disease, migraine pain There is a high chance that symptoms will be more aggravated than those who are not migraines. However, there are still a lot of people who sleep less, but there is no headache in the morning. While 36-58 percent of people are not sleeping at night Then woke up early with a slight headache For those who already have migraines that are more at risk Should adjust the behavior for at least 7 hours per night

Learn slower

Insufficient sleep causes the brain to learn slowly. Based on survey results in a high school in the US With a delay of 7:30 am to 8:30 pm, it was found that the test scores in the numbers and reading of students increased by about 2 percent and 1 percent respectively. For this reason, it can be explained that Increase sleep time, can increase learning efficiency and remember to give the brain more

mood swings

According to research from famous universities in the United States, it is revealed that those who have an average of 4.5 hours of sleep each night for 1 week are more likely to be people with mood swings than those who sleep about 7 hours per night. While the mood swings are mixed between The feeling of stress, sadness, discouragement, frustration, and frustration, which normally our nature can control emotional expression But when we do not sleep enough The body is effective in controlling the emotions of the lower self.


For people who do not have enough sleep at night, tend to gain weight more easily than people who are full of sleep. Because the body does not receive adequate rest Will give us more appetite Where the brain commands us to want to eat only foods that are high in calories to be used to burn energy for the body Or maybe we sleep late, so we have time to find something to eat Therefore, we tend to weight easily from these high calorie foods.

heart disease

The researchers used to experiment with a group of non-sleeping volunteers for 88 hours. As a result, they had a very high blood pressure level. And when switching to a group of volunteers to sleep for 4 hours in 1 night, the result is a normal heart rate The average heart rate is close to those who sleep normally. And what affects the heart rate is Proteins that have accumulated more while we wake up And will be expelled from the body naturally when we sleep So if anyone who sleeps Or sleep a little for a long time, therefore risking heart disease

Wrong decision

Most people believe that The night before the important day will arrive. Should go to bed early And full sleep will brighten your body Rejuvenated the next morning But the fact that there are more reasons to hide is that sleep is not enough to make the brain process slow thinking that may result in us making wrong decisions. The brain is sluggish like a lack of oxygen. Resulting in the brain ordering the wrong decision


The research team used to experiment with a group of cadet volunteers. In order to find out if sleep is not enough to actually cause sleepiness Therefore divided the volunteers into two groups By allowing one group to not sleep Another group slept as usual. Then, the two groups of volunteers made a total of two tests. The results showed that the volunteers who had adequate sleep had retaliated. And have quicker decisions than those who do not sleep For this reason, it can be concluded that Insufficient sleep makes our body sluggish. There is a slow response to the surrounding things.

Blurred vision

Insufficient sleep results in blurred vision. Not visible And if sleep is not enough for several consecutive nights, there may be hallucinations With one research showing that Our eyes should be rested at night for at least 5 hours to restore the cells that wear during the day. Because each person’s eyes use until the eyes get tired all day Which some people work to use their eyes more hard to get rest And if sleeping less than that, it will cause muscle spasms Or the eyes become stupid, as many people understand that they are associated with superstition Which is true Symptoms of eye muscle twitching, eyelid wrinkles, blurred vision, blurred vision or blurred vision from the muscle cells of the eye area are not completely repaired themselves. The result is that we do not rest at least 5 hours per night.

Lower immune system

For insufficient sleep affecting the immune system, decreased function Because various processes In the body will hinder the work of microorganisms Resulting in the restoration of various cells Abnormal from the original result is if the wound will heal slowly or if a diabetic heart disease, body cancer will become more easily infected. Because less relaxation causes the body to create more white blood cells, making the body weak. And more easily infected

Frequent urination

Waking up to the bathroom at night is a warning sign that the body is getting enough rest or not. Bedwetting Because naturally, the body’s diuretic system will work according to our life clock. By the sphincter in the urethra will not work at night And also very strong to hold our urine all the time we sleep Therefore, people with insufficient sleep regularly are at risk of weakening the sphincter in the urethra.

Can not focus

For insufficient sleep, resulting in activities that require concentration to do worse, such as driving, shooting, sailing and cycling. Because the brain does not concentrate on what is in front Resulting in our body being in a dazed state all day Making it impossible to focus on one thing By various activities Those needing to concentrate to focus on the goal. If less relaxation will affect the brain

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