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Sleep .. Help slow down aging and for good health.

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At present, most people spend time each day studying, working, traveling or doing various activities. Rather than resting Or more than staying at their own home Some people also live at work rather than home. Until forgetting enough rest And often do not take into account the importance of sleep Because they think that it is just one activity that must be done in everyday life already Which just thinks that when the body is unable to rest, rest to charge the body On the other hand, insufficient sleep may result in decreased body immunity. Which may cause various diseases In addition, there was also a result of unstable emotions. Mood swings And still do not concentrate on work, resulting in shorter concentration It also adversely affects the skin and makes it premature.


How is sleep important to physical health and skin?


Sleep means The condition in which the body cuts the perception of the environment and normally during sleep, the body will not move. People spend up to a third of each day sleeping. Considered the best time to relax It also helps repair our skin cells or organs that wear and also helps to balance the hormones of the body as well. In addition, there are various important things. That the body shed during such periods, such as melatonin (Melatonin), a substance that has many important roles such as Helps to reduce heart rate and blood pressure, and more importantly, this substance is also responsible for controlling sleep If people are deprived of sleep or not having enough sleep, they will be able to improve the performance of the body. The face will be pale. Illness is easier to find when the disease Including the skin is deteriorated This is caused by

The body’s immune system decreases. By lack of sleep or lack of sleep will affect the white blood cells And various immune response mechanisms Will cause the body’s immune system to work harder, with the blood having more white blood cells and these white blood cells will decay at a later time, thus causing the body’s ability to resist bacteria and viruses

There is an experimental research that allows young volunteers to sleep 4 hours a day for 6 nights when drilling blood samples of these volunteers. Found that they have increased blood sugar levels and difficult control, which is almost like diabetes

Memory storage systems or neurological systems will be less effective. The major organ is the Hippocampus, which transfers the information learned during the day into long-term memories, which will only work when we sleep and will work well if the body receives it. Adequate rest

Emotional stress and change easily without reason. Having drowsiness or feeling uncomfortable throughout the day

Abnormal digestive system The body takes up to 40 percent more time to manage blood sugar levels after eating carbohydrate foods. And having high blood sugar levels for a long time Will make it faster

If we sleep for 1 week or 4 hours a day, approximately, the body will produce the hormones needed to control the amount of muscle and less fat, causing the body to accumulate more fat.

If people sleep less than 8 hours a day, the body will produce less leptin, which Leptin plays a role in controlling appetite. Therefore the more we sleep Leptin will be produced less, so we have more appetite. Such as wanting to eat sweets and oily food which is a barrier to control and lose weight As a result, we can easily become fat.

Lose the chance that the body will shed Growth Hormones while sleeping. Growth Hormone Growth Hormones Growth hormone is a hormone secreted by the endocrine glands. Created from the pituitary gland under the brain Better known as the nickname “The Fountain of Youth” Growth Hormones are very important for the growth of our bodies. Especially the childhood that needs extra growth because it helps to control the growth of the bones until the age of 25 years, therefore making children grow taller and older, not stunted, help various tissues in the body healthy Tight muscles Strengthen immunity Brain development Keep young and also enhance sexual performance as well.

Growth hormone is produced while we sleep. Shed in the first hour after a deep sleep And will be sent to the liver for insulin like growth factor-1 or IGH-1 or somatomorphic (Somatomedin) used in the body to strengthen tissue According to research from the New England medical journal, the experiment for people aged 65 years is divided into 2 groups: receiving HGH and not taking HGH. The result is that the group that accepts HGH causes reduced graying hair. Began to return to black In some cases, there is a decrease in wrinkles on the face and body. As well as increased sexual performance Decrease in aging The group that did not receive HGH had normal aging without a good recovery, so if lacking this hormone, the skin will become sagging and wrinkled.

In the skin side Melatonin is a substance that plays an important role in protecting skin cells from various free radicals. And melatonin is most commonly created at night while we sleep. If we sleep or sleep a little, then this substance will be reduced. Resulting in easier inflammation or allergies of the skin


Techniques for helping to sleep comfortably for good health and skin


Set the appropriate sleep schedule and time. Which the needs of our sleep depend on the age or age The younger you are, the more you want to sleep and the need for sleep for adults is generally about 7-8 hours a day. In addition, the time to go to bed is important. Because hormones and various substances Necessary to create a healthy body and good skin will be produced as the time specified by the body The recommended time to go to bed should not be more than 4 pm each night.

Ways to make sleep easier and more comfortable Should create an atmosphere in the bedroom appropriately, such as the bedroom should be quiet No noise The temperature in the room must be cool and should be turned off to light. In addition, equipment or other facilities should not be taken. Entering into the bedroom, such as a computer or work desk, will make us feel anxious all the time until the symptoms of insomnia.

Should choose a pillow and bed to fit the body of the body. Including regularly changing the sheets and pillowcases or washing it every week to help reduce the accumulation of dust and mites which may make the skin face weakness, acne and may be allergic more easily

Find activities that help relax the body before bed, such as a warm bath. Listen to the rhythmic music Or meditation, which helps the body to release the endorphine, causing the body to relax and help sleep more comfortably

Including the Lord Which the supine position is a healthy person because it is a person who has nothing more than the chest, helps the respiratory system to work as smoothly as possible When lying on the back, the spine will be supported by the mattress, making it possible to rest in the most natural position. (Except patients or pregnant women) In addition, the supine position helps to avoid the best wrinkles on the face because of sleeping on the side or sleeping prone for a long time. Will cause pressure which causes wrinkles on the face

Press the area of ​​the face before bedtime by using the fingertips to massage in a circular motion, along the head, eyebrows, temples, nose grooves, chin and mouth corners, allowing for a better night’s sleep and deep sleep

The aroma of essential oils include essential oils from lavender. Will help to relax and help sleep more comfortably

Avoid caffeinated beverages such as tea, coffee or soft drinks because caffeine stimulates the body to awake. Makes sleeping difficult Therefore recommend drinking warm tea or warm milk before bedtime to help sleep better But should not drink a lot of water before going to bed because it may cause you to wake up often To come to the bathroom In addition, sweet potato, taro, yam, brown rice, whole wheat bread and various products Helps the body produce serotonin, making it comfortable to sleep.

When we know what to do Or avoid It’s just a simple story. That we can take care of ourselves Want a youthful face Or have good health Should share enough rest time Including resting when the body needs rest Not only that, but when you are free Change the concept of turning to take care of our own health. Simple things you know and should do.

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