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Say goodbye to insomnia problems. Take physical therapy postures that you can easily do yourself at home.

Insomnia can be considered a big problem for many people because sleeplessness makes us frustrated. When we can’t order our bodies to sleep As we want Even though the time passed, perhaps hit 1, beat 2, sometimes until 3 am, still can’t sleep, even though our body calls for us to fall asleep. The work […]

Insomnia With good drinks that can help you

Insomnia may sound like a novelty for many people who have never had this condition happen to our bodies all the time. We sleep normally and sleep well all the time, but for those who have insomnia. Often when listening and feeling that it is not fun at all. Because insomnia is a torture When […]

Anxiety causes insomnia Become a health threat

Adequate sleep For each person will vary depending on the physical condition, strength and immunity, which some people may want to sleep fully in just 4 hours. Some people may need up to 6 and 8 hours, respectively, to repair the part. Various body wear But there are still many people who have caused symptoms […]

Sleeping on the back with the chance of illness

Sleep is important for human life because our body needs rest to be able to make the body refreshed. And make various systems of the body repair itself While fully sleeping And things that affect adequate sleep, there are many things, whether it’s eating before bedtime, which, if we eat too much, will result in […]

The insidiousness of sleeping late

Today, our lifestyle or lifestyle changes from the past. When we look back at life during childhood, at 8:30 pm, 7:00 pm, we are often chased into bed so that we can rest and wake up early with refreshing, but nowadays, when we grow up. We found that during the time of 2-3 o’clock, it […]

Who sleeps hard to listen !!! 4 techniques to make sleep easier

Adequate sleep It is considered a good thing that will make our physical health strong, refreshed throughout the daytime. But for many people, there may be problems with sleep. Especially when he is asleep and still startled up at night. More important is that After that, to be able to rest and fall asleep can […]