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Anxiety causes insomnia Become a health threat

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Adequate sleep For each person will vary depending on the physical condition, strength and immunity, which some people may want to sleep fully in just 4 hours. Some people may need up to 6 and 8 hours, respectively, to repair the part. Various body wear But there are still many people who have caused symptoms Sleep difficult or have insomnia We often find that most symptoms tend to be restless. Jittery To sleep, it takes a long time, and the important thing is that we don’t feel sleepy at all. But what happens is that it is often something that contributes to the needs of the life clock. At night, the body must get to sleep and sleep. But when we can’t sleep, the body becomes irritated and nervous. And has a current potential difference as it is The cause of insomnia may be caused by many factors. Both physically and mentally, etc.


The causes of insomnia are as follows.

Physical factors That makes us unable to sleep, often having illness of disease or pain in the body or organs, causing complications or discomfort until sleeplessness, such as gastritis, migraines, injuries from various accidents Or some people may have dyspnea while sleeping Including sleep apnea until we startled in the middle of the night sometimes In which the brain ordered the body to breathe oxygen into it and eventually gave us another sleeplessness.


Psychological factors Can result in insomnia as well, especially stress, anxiety and some people may be working at work Some people may have a dismal story about love issues. Causing the feeling of depression, anxiety and depression too much, resulting in abnormal pressure in the body as well Or some people may be happy with the excitement, causing carelessness and tension These things cause changes in the neurotransmitters in the body until they cannot sleep normally.


There are many external factors that cause us to sleep. For example There is too much noise in the room. Or too much light outside the room that shines into the room We need to recognize the various odors until disturbing the concentration, disturbing the senses of sleep, etc.


And whether it is caused by external or internal factors, we should find ways to prevent and relax the tension, not allowing ourselves to be in a state of insomnia for too long which may adversely affect the body until Causing illness to be followed easily due to weak body and low immunity from our disease.

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