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Insomnia With good drinks that can help you

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Insomnia may sound like a novelty for many people who have never had this condition happen to our bodies all the time. We sleep normally and sleep well all the time, but for those who have insomnia. Often when listening and feeling that it is not fun at all. Because insomnia is a torture When the body needs to rest according to the time of the life clock But we still do not feel sleepy or try to rest our eyes, but we can’t sleep at all. Which insomnia also causes us to feel exhausted throughout the day Not refreshing, not as bright as it should be. And also hurt the skin Makes our memory inefficient Or simply saying that we remember less Slow learning and response processes Thinking slower and more frustrating, too important that may cause opiates Which is a very serious and dangerous problem for those who have to drive or travel frequently And this insomnia also causes cerebral thrombosis Risk of death faster than normal people It also causes other diseases. Followed very easily as well Which holds that insomnia is not just a slight symptom But many subsequent disadvantages make sleep a scary matter. So today, let’s see how better ways to help us sleep more easily. What to do?


Solve the problem of insomnia

The solution for people with insomnia can be done in a variety of ways, whether it is reducing tension by relaxing or stretching the muscles. Lightly before bedtime can help, including the laughing. With stories or things according to the positive emotional state makes us relax from all tensions and make sleep more comfortable. As a matter of food and beverages, especially beverages that will allow us to sleep and fall asleep more easily follow.


Drinking warm herbal tea Whether it is green tea or white tea But if it is better, recommend drinking chamomile tea, which will make us relax from the mild scent of chamomile, allowing us to sleep more comfortably.


Cherry Tart Can be considered as a healthy fruit juice because of less sugar, which if we drink other kinds of fruit juice before bed, such as orange juice, which is rich in vitamin C, but it will have very high sugar, may cause our body to wake up More and more from the condition that the body receives sugar into the body to awake, so try turning it into Cherry Tart water, it can help us to sleep more comfortably and not Have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night to get into the bathroom


Warm milk is a drink that is born to suppress insomnia because it contains carbohydrates and the body is getting warm. It helps to feel more relaxed and when the body needs to digest carbohydrates, it will make us feel sleepy. More easily, so we sleep well

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