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Sleeping on the back with the chance of illness

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Sleep is important for human life because our body needs rest to be able to make the body refreshed. And make various systems of the body repair itself While fully sleeping And things that affect adequate sleep, there are many things, whether it’s eating before bedtime, which, if we eat too much, will result in Causing acid reflux or other health problems, but if we do not eat dinner at all, it will adversely affect our health as well. And another important cause of the illness that we often expect from restful sleep is that we lie on the back. Many people may wonder how sleep causes the body to get sick. The main reason is We are older Our physical condition is not as strong as we can see that we often have an illness more easily until the last treatment with the doctor and medicine is different from the childhood that we often disappear from. Various illnesses themselves Therefore, when our physical condition is weakened, the supine sleep that is considered to be the most suitable person for the body may be a silent danger that makes us sick without knowing it.


Causes of supine causes illness

As mentioned above, our physical condition is more susceptible when we are older, even in the prone position, which is the supine position that is called natural and proper. With the most natural sleep of human beings still negatively affecting That is the weight distribution throughout the back. Which does not cause excessive pressure on one area Until the spine is straight, not distorted Which many people may understand is the correct sleep But this supine will cause the bone Which is really correct Should have a pillow under the knee So that the hips are slightly bent so that they are correct according to the physiology or human body


In addition, the supine should use a low pillow and not too high so that the neck part is at the same level as the body. This is for Prevent neck pain And another important thing is We often find that many people like to sleep with more than one pillow. This type of sleep often causes the neck to bend forward and eventually cause neck pain. This type of sleep is therefore not suitable for people suffering from acid reflux. Because it will increase the pressure in the abdomen even more, causing the symptoms of acid reflux to fall harder And the mattress or mattress is also important We should not sleep with a soft mattress. Because it will make the bones deform Caused by the weight we press down The mattress is very soft. Thus causing deformed bones as well

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