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Who sleeps hard to listen !!! 4 techniques to make sleep easier

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Adequate sleep It is considered a good thing that will make our physical health strong, refreshed throughout the daytime. But for many people, there may be problems with sleep. Especially when he is asleep and still startled up at night. More important is that After that, to be able to rest and fall asleep can not play. Which, if anyone who is experiencing these problems, can believe that there is a reason why you start waking up late into the habit Those reasons are

Before going to sleep, we drank a lot of water.

Before going to sleep, we drank a lot of water, most of which Before going to bed We should not even drink water. But sometimes we crave to drink water But every time after that We will start to have pee pain. Therefore startled in the middle of the night to get up to the bathroom Which this reason may not have made us Woke to the bathroom only once Some people may be 2-3 times a night. But some people might say that despite Who do not drink water before bedtime But why still startled up to the bathroom in the middle of the night That is because our bodies have The system maintains a balance of water within the body to balance with neurotransmitters. If the body has a lot of water While having less salt than the body will try to drive away To balance the sodium content Is the salt in the body itself So a simple solution That is, let us drink a small glass of water mixed with 1-2 sea salt 10 minutes before going to bed for 4-6 hours to balance the body will help as well.

The harsh environment

The ambient image Causing us to start waking up after a few hours of sleep, noting that we often have sweating after wetting If this is the case, then turn on the air conditioner for 1-2 hours before we sleep. Or another simple method is to let our feet poke out of the blanket to reduce moisture, making us sleep more easily, not having to startle up in the middle of the night.

The big problem for many people is the social addiction, causing us to not sleep because of the blue light from these devices. Will interfere with the secretion of melatonin hormone Which is a hormone that helps the body know when to sleep and wake up normally Therefore, we should avoid blue light from all kinds of equipment, including working before bedtime as well.

Drinking too much alcohol, no matter what type of alcohol, will stimulate metabolism to work faster until the heart is beaten, causing us to startled in the middle of the night. And another reason for waking up in the middle of the night is that we sleep snoring. One of the reasons for snoring is that we drink alcohol as well, so we should avoid drinking alcohol before going to bed.

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