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Drowsiness all the time Despite sleeping for 8 hours, just sleepy or sick !!

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Drowsiness, sleepiness for the little ones Or last night may be hard work until the rest But if on the last night we went to bed early Full sleep, wake up 8-10 hours, which is considered the hours of restful sleep. According to medical experts recommend That this is the number of hours we have to sleep For good health But why did we become drowsy in the daytime? Believe that many people will encounter various symptoms Of course There is also a refreshing feeling. All the time Can sleep Whether sitting or standing This sleepy condition, many people began to think that this is normal drowsiness. Or in fact, we may have complications or this is an indication For symptoms of certain diseases or not So today, let’s see why. Of drowsiness all the time, even though we have been resting for at least 8 hours, what is the cause?


  • Not sleeping well Is one of the causes of sleepiness throughout the day, even though we have been sleeping for at least 8 hours during the night. But if we do not sleep well, secretly wake up It is not different from when we sleep less or not enough rest. Because that is equal to We can not sleep fully, not a quality sleep. on the other hand If our body Can go into deep sleep Even though we only slept for 3 hours, it can be considered a quality sleep, but if we do not sleep well, which may be caused by snoring. Or there may be sleep apnea as well, causing the rest of our sleep to be interrupted periodically, may result in us feeling sleepy all the time in the daytime too
  • Disorders of the nervous system that cause abnormal sleep control mechanisms In many cases, or that some people may have experienced a brain accident Or a vascular disease, brain tumors will cause drowsiness more than usual
  • Blood to the brain is low Is one of the causes of insufficient sleep Or may cause our sleep to be of poor quality Which is the main cause of insufficient blood supply to the brain May be caused by The first cervical vertebra moved up to the nerves or blood vessels that transport blood to the brain. Including eating fried food or fried foods with oil for a long time, causing fat to accumulate Until the intestine Unable to absorb Various nutrients fully In addition, not eating breakfast It is an important part that makes the blood to the brain is not enough. Symptoms that indicate that the blood supply to the brain is small, ie, hair loss, aging, fast, sleeping, not sleeping or not sleeping well, and some people may have dreams often.
  • Illnesses that may be caused by certain diseases such as anemia, diabetes, sleep apnea etc.
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