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Knowing "90 minutes of sleeping rule" and getting up will not be difficult anymore.

We believe that every person may have ever experienced an awakening event. There is fatigue. Even if you have been resting for 8-10 hours, today we have the answer for you. How the event happened

Usually when we sleep Based on scientific research, it indicates that Our brain will continue to work. While sleeping We often have a lot of fatigue and fatigue. We should wake up during the shallow sleep of the brain. This is why Why should we learn the 90-minute sleep rule to be used in setting our alarm clock? And eliminate fatigue after waking up to no longer occur. The work of the brain while sleeping will be divided into 2 large periods, namely


NON REM (NON Rapid Eye Monement) is a sleep at the beginning, can be divided into 3 sub-phases, ie Phase 1, during sleep. Have drowsiness It takes about 5-10 minutes. Phase 2 The heart starts to slow down. Can still recognize movement from outside This period will take another 20 minutes. Stage 3 Deep sleep. The body will rest most during this period. And respond very little to the surrounding If being awakened during this period The body is exhausted. slumberous Total duration of non REM sleep is around 80 minutes.

REM (Rapid Eye Monement) range of "shallow sleep"

This type of sleep It takes about a quarter of the total sleep period. The specialness is the brain. We will work as close to the wake. Can cause dreams And most people will dream in this period The duration of REM sleep is about 10 minutes.

Therefore, when combined in 1 cycle or 1 cycle of brain activity while sleeping, Lasted about 90 minutes and circled like this all night If we can calculate ourselves to wake up at the time of REM sleep or shallow sleep Will make us feel refreshed and alert

Should I go to bed at any time to wake up in shallow sleep?

When we already know that our sleep cycle is 90 minutes, let us take the time that we want to wake up as a set. And counting back 90 minutes at a time will allow us to know what time we should go to bed By the time we wake up, that will be exactly the same as the shallow sleep time

For example, we want to wake up at 05.30 hrs. The time we should go to sleep is 20.30 hrs. / 22.00 hrs. / 23.30 hrs. / 01.00 hrs.

Which people who are not good at math, reading here may be discouraged Don't worry Because nowadays there is a simpler way to access the website or application to calculate the time that we should wake up when we are going to bed. Let us not have to wake up in the middle of the sleep cycle anymore, such as That can tell when we should wake up if we go to bed now Including being able to tell when we should sleep, if we have an awakening schedule, just as much as sleep calculations will be easy for everyone to do.

If we wake up when they are asleep Our brain will wake up. Causing no sleepiness, because it is the cycle of sleep For anyone who wants to have a simple wake-up aid Without having to set the alarm clock to 10 rounds before getting to take a shower, try using the program to calculate the sleep time below, may help to wake up easier