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4 types of food to eat before going to bed, definitely thin !!!!

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For girls who lack confidence In their own shape Or some girls with plump or obese shapes Will cause the body to accumulate fat For the idea of ​​eating something before going to bed for three hours is still the basis of the puppet reduction of girls, but actually there are some foods that you eat and help to reduce the body as well. If there is something to eat and reduce the robot So, let’s get to know these 4 good things.

But before knowing why to eat before going to bed and being thin, in fact, there is a protagonist of thinning at Growth Hormone and weight loss. Is a hormone secreted while we are sleeping It will help build and repair our muscles. And restoring the immune system in our body Makes the muscles stronger The body is stronger And this hormone will be important to children who are growing tremendously. If the child lacks growth hormone, it will be dwarfed. As for adults, if lacking growth hormone, it will be fatigued, depressed, obese, high blood cholesterol, heart disease and decreased sexual performance. It can be seen that Growth Hormones have a direct effect on reducing obesity.


What are 4 good things to eat? Try to see what we can eat.

1. banana

health food


When the body absorbs L-Arginine that is present in bananas Which L-arginine is an amino acid that is considered “Miracle molecule” has enormous benefits for the body because L-Arginine will stimulate the body to produce. Nitric Oxide to help with the expansion of blood vessels Including stimulating the growth hormone (Growth Hormone), which is an important hormone in maintaining youngness Help slow down aging If absorbed after waking up in the morning before exercise or before sleeping during the night Will be displayed at the best level And bananas also contain fiber that helps in the digestive system Not constipation as well




The benefits of yogurt will help increase the efficiency of yogurt. After dinner or 2-3 hours before bedtime, the time period is called “Golden Times” during 4 pm to 2 am. Lactobacillus Will be transported to the intestine effectively Makes it easy to cure constipation Adjust the intestinal condition well Affect the weight loss

3.honey bee



In honey is a food that has many properties. In honey, there are a group of B vitamins and vitamin K to nourish the skin. Stimulate fat burning Reduce cholesterol Helps to shed Growth Hormone, which adequate sleep is very necessary. The carbohydrates that accumulate in the liver will become energy for the brain to function after the Growth Hormone. If eating honey before bedtime, it can make the liver accumulate enough carbohydrates which will eventually turn into energy.

A spoonful of honey before going to bed will increase insulin for you, which insulin Will help increase the substance of the tripofen If you don’t want to eat empty honey Suggesting to brew a cup of tea or warm water and then add honey to it tonight.



When talking about healthy food If asking one of the Japanese answers Must have natto Which is a healthy food Plus, if eating natto at night, it is more effective in reducing obesity than eating in the morning. In Natto, there is an enzyme component called “Nattokinase” This enzyme helps in blood circulation. And when the blood flows well The system will burn food (Metabolism) will work more. During sleep Blood will circulate After eating, Natto will work 10-12 hours and if eaten at night Blood circulation will flow well while sleeping.

When knowing the properties of things that can be eaten before bedtime Then choose to consume, but the amount is appropriate To prevent excessive nutrient intake Or if eating too much can result in acid reflux And should be eaten at least 2-3 hours before bedtime. This is a good thing to carry out, suggesting ways to lose weight. That does not have to endure suffering with hunger anymore

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