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Why do you sleep to help lose weight?

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why weight loss

About sleeping enough Is a story that we have heard for a long time Have been advised for a long time That should sleep

6-8 hours, but the National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults need to be rested for 7-9 hours. See how adequate sleep can reduce obesity.

Help increase BMR

Adequate sleep increases the basal metabolic rate (BMR) that the body needs to use for breathing. Heartbeat Blood pumping Various processes that allow us to burn more phalan automatically

BMR is the rate of energy metabolism of the body each day. This energy will be used. In the functioning of various organs of the body such as heartbeat, digestion, breathing etc. Assume that calculating BMR of A can be 1,500 kcal, meaning that A should eat to get 1,500 kcal energy for living in Each day, the BMR of each person will be different. Depends on gender, age, weight and height of each person

Control hunger hormones

Adequate sleep Really deep sleep will increase the hormone gerelin (ghrelin), a hormone that controls appetite. Makes us do not want food unnecessarily And sleep will reduce the production of hormone leptin (Leptin)

Hormones Was secreted from the stomach cells To signal the brain to order two hands to find food in the mouth Before meals Will be the time when the level of grailin is high When eating The level of grailin will be reduced by about 3 hours on average The way to deal with hunger is to try to control Grignon not too high. And not being released too quickly

“Fullness hormone” or Leptin is a hormone produced by fat cells. Serves to control appetite The researchers found that people with excess body fat have the right to face anti-hormone Leptin. Which the brain does not respond to Leptin, even if it shed a lot And currently still do not know the real cause

But one theory indicates that fat cells produce substances that cause inflammation and then block the function of the body, so think it is hungry. Metabolic system slows down As well as the brain to send signals to encourage you to be hungry and unlucky. Especially high calorie foods

Do not eat little

The more you sleep The more you want to eat It may become a habit. Suppose that if we eat dinner at 6 pm then must be shallow at 6 o’clock in the morning, then should sleep from 4 pm which is the right time. If you move to sleep 5 pm, it may cause hunger

The habit of eating little by little is The symptoms that are eaten by little by little But often eaten Or also called eating disease

Do not stop or eat at all times. May be more serious than you think The most worrisome is that the office girls who spend time sitting at the desk throughout the day are busy and stressful, causing them to eat at all times. When the afternoon began to sleep, he had to find something to chew. Worse than that, most don’t have time to exercise. Until the weight jumped

Brain detox

Sleep helps the brain detox. Removes toxins in the brain Observed from our shallow time Will feel clear brain Refreshing and also helps reduce the risk. Against Alzheimer’s disease And dementia In addition, sleep Also enhances the immune system And reduce the risk of stroke as well

Brain Detox is Detoxification Removing bad toxins from the body Balance the body image


Have exercise

If someone is already exercising Sleep is more important than those who do not exercise. Because the exercise will cause a lot of free radicals Muscle fatigue Oxygen requires a lot more than usual. If not enough sleep, the body has no chance of recovery Will make you feel tired And of course it makes no force Don’t want to exercise at all But if we return from work Then felt very tired Suggesting that you change to a better morning exercise Because it will exercise when tired Makes it not fully

If during sleep, rest If our sleep is effective Resulting in helping to repair the body while sleeping Resulting in helping the body burn more Weight loss will be more effective.

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