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Remedy snoring with food

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Snoring and sleep apnea Often it is always something that comes together because snoring often occurs. And is one of the causes that causes us to stop breathing while we sleep. For snoring, it is caused by the neck muscles loosening and narrowing, causing us to breathe in and exert more force. Resulting in vibration of tissue within the respiratory system Therefore caused a snoring sound As we see In addition, snoring can also occur from the blocking of the respiratory system, such as the tongue or the tongue dropping down to close the airway, soft-necked ceiling, causing slackening, causing the airway to narrow. Or may be caused by lubricants in the lower respiratory tract causing symptoms of dryness and swelling that can cause the airway to narrow as well These causes can be considered the main cause of snoring.


Between women and men, we often find that Men have more snoring rates, especially in obese people. Elderly or allergy patient Those who work, overdo or over-exercise And many more Which if frequent snoring phenomenon The neck is narrow and will result in temporary blockage in the neck. Causing the breath to go out for a while until it became a condition known as sleep apnea. If we have this kind of symptoms occur Should consult a doctor because These symptoms may cause many diseases to follow.


Fix sleep apnea with food

When sleep apnea is caused by snoring We tend to find that there are many reasons for it. Snoring occurs in people who are overweight. Or various respiratory diseases So how can we help reduce snoring? Is that we need to control or reduce our weight to normal, including exercising regularly In addition, eating is also important. That will affect snoring or sleep apnea. So today, let’s see if we should How to eat


  • Before we sleep, do not eat too much food. Avoid heavy meals during 3-4 hours before bedtime and eat light food. Such as hot soup such as miso soup, pumpkin soup, corn soup, or eating fruit for dinner so that the stomach is not too empty.
  • Do not drink alcohol of all kinds. Because these drinks Have a sedative effect Causing the brain to wake up slowly And may react to hypoxia when we are snoring or sleep apnea Causes hypoxia and the brain will instruct the body to wake up and breath again, but if we drink alcohol The body will respond to this condition slowly.
  • Drink warm drinks regularly before going to bed. Most snoring symptoms Will find that one of the causes of the collateral is caused by insomnia Therefore, drinking warm drinks can help us sleep more and reduce snoring rates.
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